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How To Extend The Life Of Your Vacuum Tube Amplifier


At Fryette Amplification, many of our customers ask us how to extend the life of their vacuum tube amplifier. Whether you’re currently shopping for a new amplifier, or just looking to take better care of your  Fryette Aether Guitar Amplifier, below are a few tips to prolong the life of your gear.

Safety First

Before you try to extend the life of your beloved tube amp, remember that there are dangerous high-voltages inside your amplifier that can cause shock, injury and even death if handled inappropriately. Unless you are a qualified electronics technician, do not try and take your amplifier apart!

Moving & Transporting Your Amplifier 

If you have to travel with your vacuum tube amplifier, avoid abrupt movements when transporting it from place to place. Aggressive actions such as dropping, bouncing and vibrating could potentially loosen the critical components inside of your amp, leading to costly repairs down the line.

Let Your Amp Cool Down 

When the rock show is over and the curtains have closed, make sure to give your amplifier plenty of time to cool down after turning it off. Most guitar players don’t realize that the components of their tube amplifier are much more vulnerable to physical shock and damage when they are still warm or at operating temperatures.

Check Your Cords 

Most musicians will agree that when they encounter issues with their amplifier sound, it is most likely due to worn out cables and cords. Before and after your gig, always check your amplifiers AC power cord to ensure there are no signs of fraying or damage.

At Fryette Amplification, we’re proud to offer some of the highest quality vacuum tube amplifiers, power amps, heads, cabinets and studio equipment available on the market today. Our talented technicians are continuously inspired by musicians to create innovative products for guitarists that deliver superior sound and performance.