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​Most Common Myths About Guitar Amps


Whether you are an expert or novice guitarist, chances are you have done your research regarding the right equipment you need to perfect your sound. We live in a day and time where information is merely a click away, and a quick search for “best guitar amp” will come up with millions of results. But how accurate is the information we find? If you searched “best guitar amp” and ended up here, on Fryette Amplification, then we can promise your search results are completely accurate and valid! However, when it comes to buying an amp, do you really know what you’re looking for, or are you under the impression that double watts means double the volume?

Here are the three most common guitar amp myths, disproved.

1. Brand Name Amps Are The Best

It really all depends on your needs and the type of guitar you are playing. If you are a novice acoustic guitar player looking to practice in the basement at home for a few months, the amp you need is going to be way different than the amp that a veteran rock guitarist needs to play in front of a sold out show. So while you may find yourself leaning towards a name-brand amp, stop and shop for a bit. It’s likely you will find something that suits your needs, and it may not even be manufactured by a brand you are familiar with.

2. Bigger Is Better

As we mentioned above, no two musicians are the same and therefore their amplification needs are going to be entirely different too. If you are an artist who likes performing at different venues each night and mobility is key, you will likely want a smaller, portable amp that is easy to transport between venues. In terms of wattage, you more than likely won’t need an amp bigger than 100 watts. Often times, guitarists won’t need more than a 50 watt amp and many do just as well 

with a 30 watt amp. Do your research before you shop.

3. Double Watts, Double Volume

If you understand how an amp works, you know that this really makes no sense. Amps create changes in air pressure. These changes are what our ears hear as sound. If you double the number of watts, only the sound pressure is doubled, not the volume. It will actually take about 10 times the sound pressure for our ears to actually recognize any change in volume. If you’re looking to really kick up the volume during your shows, take the time to research and invest in several quality speakers.

The extensive selection of amps available at Fryette Amplification is sure to meet the needs of every musician. We carry only the highest-quality products that range from amps to speaker cabs to casters and more. Shop online today!