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Overcoming Writer’s Block


We’ve all been there before: fresh strings on your guitar, a brand new bag of picks, your electric guitar amplifier fired up and dialed in just how you like it. You play some warm up exercises, maybe run through a favorite song or two, and are locked and loaded, ready to write your next great song. And then...nothing. No new riffs, no new chord progressions, no new licks, just...nothing. In this blog, we will look at a few tips for overcoming writer’s block.

Take a break

Oftentimes, a break is all that is needed to re-light your creative fire. Step away from your guitar for a few days, and you’ll be surprised at how fresh it feels the next time you pick it up.

Try a new genre

Learning a new style is not only a great way to overcome writer’s block, it is also a great way to expand your versatility and increase your skill level. Furthermore, incorporating different genres into your main style is one of the easiest way to find your own unique sound.

Learn a new cover

Learning new songs is a surefire way to spark some new ideas in your head. Pick out a few different songs in different styles, and after you have them down, you will likely find that your head is full of new ideas for your own original tunes.

Buy some new gear

Finally, sometimes all you need to reinvigorate your playing is some new gear. Whether it is something small, like a pedal, or something major, like a new amplifier, new gear can boost your inspiration in unexpected ways.

No matter how frustrated you get, remember that even the worst bouts of writer’s block eventually pass. Try out some of the ideas above, and before you know it you will be writing with ease once more. Need a new amp to push your inspiration to the next level? Shop online today!