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Stereo Power Amplifiers for Guitar Players


If you’re an avid guitar player, you may consider purchasing a stereo guitar amplifier to complete your rig. While some players may complain about having to lug around another heavy piece of equipment, stereo power amps can go a long way in enhancing your unique sound. While there are a variety of quality stereo power amplifiers on the market today, Fryette Amplification is proud to offer several power amps to improve your guitar-playing experience.

Two/Ninety/Two Stereo Power Amp

Our Two/Ninety/Two Stereo Power Amp has proven to be a leader in tube power performance, not only for its size and class, but for its considerably higher output power. From a tonal perspective, this stereo power amp combines the rich upper harmonic detail of a classic EL34 amp, with the clarity and lower midrange punch of a 6L6. With the option of using a low power mode for maximum power amp saturation with a low speed setting, the Two/Ninety/Two is ideal for studio recording. If you’re looking for a stereo power amp that offers open-dynamic delivery and a unique harmonic balance, the Two/Ninety/Two Stereo Power Amp is for you.

Two/Fifty/Two Stereo Power Amp

Our small but mighty Two/Fifty/Two Stereo Power Amplifier has set the standard for sound quality, power and rugged reliability. This dual channel 50-watt amp features a pair of premium matched EL34 power tubes in each channel, delivering up to 30 percent more usable output power than most comparable tube amplifiers. When Class A mode is engaged, the fan speed of the amp changes automatically from normal speed to high speed, ensuring reliable performance under even the most demanding conditions.

At Fryette Amplification, we’ve been providing quality amplifiers, stage and studio equipment and stereo power amps for more than 20 years. Browse our catalog online today!