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Why Go Electric Over Acoustic

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Okay, we admit it, here at Fryette Amplification we might be a little bit biased for this argument. After all, we sell amps. While we have nothing against acoustic guitars (in fact we love them!), there’s just something special about playing some music a little bit louder, a little bit heavier. Let’s go over a few reasons why electric guitars win the battle.

Better for Beginners

If you’re considering quitting your day job and starting your new career as a rockstar but just need to learn how to play an instrument, maybe don’t quit quite yet. We do believe in you, but becoming a professional guitarist doesn’t happen after watching a couple instructional videos on YouTube. However, electric guitars have been known to be a little bit easier to learn for beginners. With a physically smaller body, lighter strings, and a thinner neck, it’s easier to move your fingers around. Acoustic guitars have heavier gauge strings making it a little trickier to pluck and play. Also, with a wider neck, your fingers have to stretch more to reach the desired fret.

That Sound

It’s distinct, it’s crisp, it’s rock n’ roll. The sound of an electric guitar has angered parents around the world for decades, having them all throw back their heads and scream to the heavens, “Turn off that noise!” and that noise has been satisfying children and adults for just as long. What if Marty McFly had jumped up on stage and played an acoustic guitar? The movie certainly wouldn’t have been the same and in their reality, the world wouldn’t have the classic Chuck Berry song “Johnny B. Goode”! Also, with amplifiers (purchased from Fryette Amplifiers, of course), pickups, and other electronic components, the electric guitar gives you more control over the sound and more free will to play how you want. The electric guitar has become the more common option for playing genres such as metal, blues, rock, and much more due to this freedom of sound.


In case you do need to be quiet to the outside world, the electric guitar makes headphones an option so that you can still play loud in your own head. Acoustic guitars have sound chambers, which amplifies the sound naturally, making it difficult to play softly, and making them bulkier. So plug those headphones in, and play as loud as you want… silently.

The Choice Is Yours

In the end, it boils down to what you want to play. Music is food for the soul and the mind, it frees us in a world full of restrictions, therefore there are no demands or caveats. You get to play how and what you want, so we’re not here to tell you what to choose. If you prefer the sound of an acoustic guitar, then we support you! However, we feel obligated to let you know that there are some options for electric acoustics guitars! As long as there is music in the world, we’ll be alright. So pick up your guitar, plug it into one of our high-quality, jam producing amps, and play some music.

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