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Tips For Buying Your Next Guitar Amplifier


At Fryette Amplification, we know how exciting it is to shop for a new guitar amplifier. If you’ve been plugging away and practicing on a less-than-average practice amp, you’re probably ready to upgrade to the big leagues! Before you start your search for the perfect amp, here are a couple of tips to keep in mind.

Don’t Buy For Volume Size

When it comes to choosing your next guitar amplifier, always remember that louder doesn’t necessarily mean better. For the majority of guitar players, a high-quality 40 watt amp will provide plenty of juice to fill various large rooms. While we all want to be the next Stevie Ray Vaughan, we don’t need a 100 watt amp to do so.

Don’t Choose An Amp To “Grow Into”

Every musician has made this common mistake when buying a new instrument or piece of musical gear. You see a beautiful instrument and immediately fall in love with the idea that you will grow into it. You impulsively purchase the instrument and set it on a stand in your home to admire. Months and months go by, and the beautiful instrument you once thought you’d be “good enough” to play has been neglected. Don’t drop a pretty penny on something that doesn’t fit your musical style or suite your immediate needs.

One of our favorite guitar amplifiers that is both visually and functionally unique is the Fryette Aether Guitar Amplifier. With a warm and jazzy preamp tone suitable for a variety of guitars, you’ll play with a vintage and antique sound unlike any other. A simple volume control adjustment can kick the preamp into a thick harmonic wall of sustain and overdrive, giving you full range and control of your tone and sound.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your guitar amplifier, power amplifier, guitar head, or guitar cabinet, Fryette Amplification has the high-quality gear you need. Browse our store online to see the latest in guitar gear and more!