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Tips For Learning Chords


Deciding to learn the guitar? It's a great skill that will bring you joy for the rest of your life. But getting started can be tough. There is of course the investment in equipment, not to mention the learning curve that many people have trouble getting past. Here at Fryette Amplification, we've got the equipment covered with our guitar amplifiers and guitar amp accessories online. To help you get over the learning curve, here are some tips for learning chords.

Start Slow

Nobody ever picked up a guitar and started jamming with the best. It is a slow, methodical process, and that expectation should be set upfront. Not only does it take a while to learn how to play, but it is extremely important to understand the basics correctly or you could have more work correcting bad habits later on down the road. The purpose of practice is to build muscle memory so that playing becomes second nature. There are plenty of tools, like sound apps for instance that can tell you when you are playing a chord correctly or not.

Play Without Looking

When you first start out, there is no shame in looking at your fingers as you play. It wouldn't really be possible to learn otherwise. However, as you get the hang of a few different chords, and the riffs that use them, start playing without looking at your fingers. As we mentioned, playing guitar is all about muscle memory. The less you rely on your other senses, the more you'll be using and practicing that chords motions naturally, creating muscle memory.

Don't Get Comfortable

One common mistake beginner guitarists make is to learn "enough" to play a few of the songs they like, and then get stagnant. It can be hard to build up momentum again, so when you plateau, make sure you are constantly finding ways to improve yourself. That means not neglecting the difficult chords, like F Major which is often troublesome for new players. However, F Major is an extremely important chord, even for many simple songs. Plan to devote yourself longer to certain chords that require more work, it is just part of the game.

Master Barre Chords

What are barre chords? Why, the heart and soul of the electric guitar, is what they are. If you are playing rock at all (and you should), then learning barre chords is a necessity. Also referred to as "moveable chords", barre chords can be shifted up and down the neck of the guitar without changing your finger position to produce a new chord. This will be a great trick in the future as your music becomes more complicated to play.

Hopefully these tips help you with your learning. If you need guitar amplifiers or guitar amp accessories online, check out our quality selection of products. Feel free to give us a call for more information.