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Why Buy a Power Amp


When most people first start out playing guitar, their first amp is an all-in-one practice combo amp. These amps are usually solid state, low wattage, and, quite frankly, don’t sound that great. As you start down your lifelong journey of finding “your” tone, there are a lot of better options to consider. The most common route that most people take is to buy an electric guitar amplifier head (which has a preamp section as well as a power amp section), such as the Fryette Pittbull, paired with a speaker cabinet. This is a tried and true method that has served millions of players (including all of your favorites) very well. Today, we are going to look at another popular choice: buying a separate preamp and poweramp. Let’s take a look at two common styles of preamps that you could pair with one of our incredible power amps:

Tube Preamp
This is the classic option, and there are excellent options from a wide variety of manufacturers. Most of these offerings run off of three to five 12AX7 vacuum tubes. Two of the most popular ones over the years are the ADA MP-1, and the Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis. Both of these pair extremely well with Fryette power amps.

Modelling Preamp
In the last ten years, the market for modelling preamps has exploded, largely thanks to the popularity of units such as the Fractal Audio Axe-FX, the Line 6 POD series, and the Kemper Profiling Amp. These preamps offer an insane amount of versatility, and pairing them with a Two/Ninety/Two has proven to be the combination of choice for many top players.

Buying your preamp and poweramp separately is a choice that many players make. We proudly offer the industry leading Two/Ninety/Two and Two/Fifty/Two power amps, so we understand why you’d go down this road. It gives you unmatched versatility, especially nowadays. Order yours today!