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LXII Stereo Power Amp - COMING SOON!





The Fryette LXII Single Space Tube Power Amp

• Class AB 50W+50W Stereo Tube Power Amp
• Bridged mono for full 100 watts
• (4) 6L6 Power Tubes
• (2) 12AX7 Preamp/Phase Inverter Tubes
• Selectable Impedance (4/8/16 Ohm)

• Single Volume Control
• 2-Position Switch for Full-Range or Enhanced EQ curves
• Effects Loop with adjustable level control
• Super-quiet multi-speed cooling fan
• Independent channel standby

It’s all about the feel. Once you hear a modeling amplifier with a real tube power amp pushing the speakers you’ll instantly understand why a digital signal path can’t duplicate the complex relationship between a power tube and the speakers. The LXII’s “Linear” mode provides a full-range, flat-response signal from your amp to your speaker, while the “Enhanced” mode brings the color and life to your tone that you would expect from a Fryette power amp.

Now you can hear what that model is supposed to really sound like!



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