By Barry Cleveland
The Memphis 30 boasts a void-free birch cabinet covered in Elephant Hide Charcoal vinyl and a classy woven grill cloth. The amp employs a quartet of EL84 power tubes in a Class A cathode-biased push-pull configuration yielding 30 watts, though flipping the Power Shift Select switch drops it to 18 watts. Rather than simply disabling two of the four power tubes to get lower output wattage, however, all four of the Memphis 30's EL84s continue to operate, just at a lower overall voltage -- an approach Fryette says results in better dynamics, more natural distortion harmonics, smoother tone, and longer tube life. Speaking of tubes, a handy removable hatch on the front of the amp makes accessing the four 12AX7 preamp tubes in the "tube compartment" a breeze. Read more...

By Gary C. Guzman
Most fans of VHT amplifiers know Steven Fryette founded that company two decades ago. But while the amp designer is now building gear under his own name with Fryette Amplification, he's building on the same legacy. The excellent build quality and killer sounds linked to Fryette's past work are in full evidence in his current products, and many players praise his creations, including the Sig: X, Deliverance, and Pittbull amps.

By Dave Petersen
The Memphis 30 is the work of Steven Fryette, the designer of the VHT Pittbull - and we should expect something special by way of selectable features from the creator of the first three-way channel-switcher in 1989. There is innovation here - you can have 18W or 30W for each channel - however, the Memphis doesn't put its switching options first, preferring to emphasise its superior basic tonality and player response.


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