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  • Pittbull Ultra-Lead
  • Page Hamilton with the Pttbull Ultra Lead
  • Pittbull Ultralead EQ
  • Pittbull Ultralead EQ
  • Pittbull Ultralead EQ
  • FatBottom 412 Cabinet

Pittbull ULTRA-LEAD Head



The Pittbull Ultra-Lead is a powerful, yet extremely versatile amplifier well suited for players of any style who are unafraid to own center stage. Uncompromising personality has made this amplifier the top choice of world class players from all genres of music. The Ultra-Lead's KT88 power section provides stunning clarity and definition whether playing clean or at maximum gain. The low and medium gain sounds are balanced and spacious, while the clean tones can be pristine, chunky, crisp or edgy. The wide range of sounds is limited only by your imagination.


"The Pittbulls... deliver all the features you expect from a modern rock amp. Super high gain, an intelligent effects loop, bullet-proof construction and super clean tones --- something the others seem happy to ignore." - Guitar Player Magazine


The PITTBULL ULTRA-LEAD, paired with the FatBottom 412 cabinet, delivers ground shaking thump and blow-your-hair-back low end projection. This is a seriously expressive combination, specifically designed for players who seek unbridled dedication to guitar mastery.


See and hear the Fryette Pittbull Ultralead EQ on the 2015 HELMET Betty Tour.



Pittbull 100 Ultra Lead EQ Head: $3799.