The Hundred/CLX Master Built Series Amplifier is without question one of the finest, most expressive, most versatile amplifiers ever created. Each amplifier is hand built from individual component inspection right down to every last solder connection and then signed by our most experienced and meticulous amplifier Master Builder. Upon completion, tubes are carefully selected and matched; the amplifier is then pre-tested and burned in for a minimum of 72 hours.   In the next test stage, all functions and features are tested, final tube selection and biasing takes place, and then channel voicing is evaluated and messaged to perfection. Before his signature goes on the amp, each CLX is thoroughly personally play-tested by Steven Fryette to assure flawless performance.

With its fat, warm sound and touch-sensitive feel, the CLX is a highly refined tone machine. The harmonically rich and dynamic personality of the EL34 based power plant perfectly complements the soft clip of the single integrated driver/phase inverter, producing an orchestral string response. The hallmark FRYETTE note articulation and chordal clarity are in abundance regardless of gain setting resulting in its well-deserved reputation for bringing out the individuality of every player who encounters it.


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