Guitar music is a string of spontaneous and often unorthodox impulses. Guitar players attack, coax and finesse music out of a guitar in ways that seem to defy logic and the laws of physics. It's all of the things we do "in-between" that gives guitar music excitement and emotional impact. These in-between or transitional stages that usually happen in spite of your existing amp settings are where players live and where the SIG:X shines most brightly.   The SIG:X amplifier represents a new generation of tube amplifier design, offering effortless and intuitive control over different types of amplifier behavior and a wide range of highly refined tonal qualities previously unavailable from a single amplifier. Feature packed, yet simple and intuitive to operate, the SIG:X produces an astonishing array of sounds and textures never before attainable from any single amplifier.

As with all FRYETTE amplifiers, the SIG:X beautifully accentuates the inherent qualities of any instrument. It breathes and dynamically responds to your playing technique exactly the way a great guitar amp should. Many players will sacrifice flexibility and modern conveniences for great tone and feel. The SIG:X was designed to give you both and it truly delivers!


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