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Pittbull® 100CL Head *SOLD OUT*


Product Videos

Joe Gamble gives a quick run down of the feature set for the Fryette Pittbull Hundred/CL head. The feature explanation is followed by a demo track demonstrating some sounds made possible by the amplifier. For more info visit these links: http://www.fryette.com/ https://www.facebook.com/FryetteAmps https://www.youtube.com/user/FryetteAmps http://www.joegamble.com http://www.youtube.com/joegambleguitar
    Joe Gamble gives a quick run down of the feature set for the F...




Pittbull Hundred/CL


The Pittbull Hundred/CL has two channels of unapologetic attitude with a 100-watt power plant and delivers thick touch sensitive response with a decidedly British persuasion. This is a no-nonsense amplifier with a deceptively simple feature set in which either channel can serve as a Clean, Crunch or High-gain channel. The CL’s Red & Green channels are similarly configured but voiced slightly differently for a wide palate of pristine clean, slightly dirty clean, spanking crunch and aggressive but harmonically rich overdrive. Combined with an extremely expressive graphic EQ, this allows for quick and intuitive sound sculpting.

Getting familiar with the Hundred/CL amplifier is easy, so don’t be terribly surprised when you find yourself up and running in no time. First hand experience and real world application will yield the ultimate satisfaction of finding your own path of comprehension and self-expression.

The PITTBULL HUNDRED/CL, paired with the FatBottom 412 cabinet, delivers ground shaking thump and blow-your-hair-back low end projection. This is a seriously expressive combination, specifically designed for players who seek unbridled dedication to guitar mastery.



V1 (shielded tube) Input Gain Stage 1 and signal splitter for both channels: 12AX7WB Gain Stage 2 for Green channel

V2 Gain Stage 2 for Red channel: 12AX7 Gain Stage 4 for Red and Green channels. Active when either Gain Switch is set to HI.

V3 Gain Stage 3 for Red and Green channels: 12AX7 Tone Control Driver for Red and Green channels.

V4 Phase Inverter: 12AX7

V5-8 Power Tubes: EL34