Video Guides & Troubleshooting

Fryette Power Station Videos:

PS-2 Quick Overview:

PS-2 vs. PS-100:

Solving Proximity Noise using the PS-2 and PS-100:

Solving Ground Loop noise using PS-2 and


Changing Tubes and Fuses, PS-2 and PS-100

Fryette Power Load IR Videos:

PL-IR Quick Overview:

Michael Nielsen on the

Power Load IR:

EytsychPi42 Henning Pauly

Fryette PowerLoad IR Review:

Fryette Valvulator GP/DI Videos:

Rainy day with the Valvulator GP/DI:

Valvulator GP/DI Intro video:

Analog Cab Sim in GP/DI:

Changing Tubes

in the Valvulator GP/DI: