Page Hamilton: Helmet

Pittbull Ultralead head and FatBottom 412 with Fane F70G

Bill Kelliher: Mastodon

LXII Power Amp

Stephen Brodsky: Quicksand, Cave In

Deliverance 120 Series II

Steve Vai

2/90/2 Power Amp

Rob Caggiano: Volbeat, Anthrax

Deliverance II, Sig:X, Pittbull Ultralead, FatBottom 412 cabinets

Dan Beeman: Helmet

Pittbull 100CL, FatBottom 412 cabs

Aaron Turner: Sumac, Old Man Gloom, ISIS

Pittbull Ultralead, FatBottom 412 cabs

David Torn

Aether, Deliverance, Power Station PS-2

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