Deliverance Loop Kit


Product Description

Deliverance Loop Kit


The Deliverance Effects Loop Kit is a transparent, super-low noise, low-impedance, gain-compensated effects insertion point between the preamp stage (post Master Volume) and the power amp input stage of the Deliverance Sixty and Deliverance One Twenty amplifiers.

The Deliverance Loop operates seamlessly with both pedal level and rack level effects processors. Features include a bypass switch and an Instrument/Line level select switch.

This kit is also suitable for installation in any tube amplifier with a negative DC bias supply source. Because it does not operate from the high voltage supply to the preamp tubes, there is no need to compensate the high voltage supply or alter the critical behavior of this supply under load.

The Deliverance Loop Kit includes a complete, self-contained, and pretested assembly requiring only mechanical installation and a simple wire routing operation. Kit includes complete instructions, test procedures, and all necessary hardware and drilling templates. 

*It is recommended that this kit is installed by a professional.