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FC-3B: Foot Controller for Power Station One Hundred PS-100


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Fryette PS-100 with a footswitch! (02:33)
Much can be achieved while armed with a guitar, a non-master volume amp, a delay pedal and a Fryette PS-100. To learn more head over to: https://www.fryette.com/power-station... For technical support: https://www.fryette.com/support/ Power Station PS-2 Manual: https://fryette.com/content/Power_Sta... Power Station PS-100 Manual: https://fryette.com/content/Power_Sta... __________________________________________________________________ The Fryette Power Station® – a new amplifier attenuator and re-amplification solution, offering players intuitive and precise control over amplifier volume, distortion behavior and a wide range of highly refined tonal qualities previously unavailable from any single attenuating or re-amping product. Built on decades of experience producing the finest all-tube power amps available, the Power Station is a practical and highly functional tool that solves problems frequently encountered in live playing and recording environments. It beautifully accentuates the inherent qualities of any amplifier and allows your amplifier to breathe and dynamically respond to your playing technique the way a great guitar amp should. The Power Station is designed to be transparent, user friendly, reliable and ultra-responsive to a wide array of guitar amplifier and speaker types. It also integrates seamlessly with any combination of internal and external speaker configurations. The Power Station also excels as a power booster, something that no other attenuator can do. Just as you would connect a big amp to reduce output volume, the Power Station can also be used to boost the output of a small amplifier. Imagine taking your mini-amp or small vintage combo to a gig and having enough power to be heard without sacrificing feel and tonal quality. It is not only possible, but easy and fun! Finally, your Power Station functions as a versatile silent reactive load for direct recording by simply connecting the Balanced or Unbalanced Line out to your recording interface. ________________________________________________________________ Music and guitar dude = Joe Gamble
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    Much can be achieved while armed with a guitar, a non-master v...


FC-3B: Foot Controller for Power Station One Hundred PS-100

Two button foot switch: CHANNEL and EFFECTS. Dual LED indicators. Custom made heavy duty switches. Durable 20 foot cable with 1/4" TRS Phone Plug. Heavy gauge steel construction.

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