*New* Deliverance® Sixty Series II+ Head


Product Description

* NEW *

Deliverance Sixty II+ 

 The all new Deliverance Sixty II+ amp features expanded footswitch functionality along with an enhanced range of easily dialed in low to mid gain clean sounds and voicings that are accessible independently of the high gain modes.

New for 2024, the Deliverance Sixty II+ is a practical and sonically inspired evolution of one of Fryette Amplification’s most popular amplifiers. Several forums and Facebook groups created by fans and users are dedicated to discussions and tone-sharing tips for this legendary tone machine.

 The Sixty II+ features an expanded Clean mode that improves dynamic range, headroom and sensitivity to guitar volume changes. To accomplish this, GAIN II goes to zero level regardless of the front panel setting. This reduces clean gain and gain stage white noise, producing a lush, transparent clean playing experience that allows you to explore the subtle transitions from super clean to edge of break up, all the way to medium crunch.

 The Deliverance preamp section has a broad dynamic range, which accounts for its extra touch-sensitivity and excellent guitar volume control response. In addition, overdriven voicings can easily be dialed up using the unique GAIN I / GAIN II structure with a little icing via the highly effective Presence and Depth controls. From there, just working your guitar volume and tone controls will yield a surprising range of voicings.

 The Deliverance Sixty power amp section utilizes a pair of premium matched 6550 power tubes for robust low-mids and sparkling high end harmonics. These tubes are designed for big round tone and dynamic response at low to medium guitar volumes and a rapid but smooth transition into saturation, turning rich and thick at full guitar volume. This combination of preamp voicings and power amp response makes the Deliverance amplifier an ideal partner for any instrument, from a vintage Tele to a fully blown 8-string metal axe.

 Specially designed, precision wound power and output transformers produce optimum attenuator approved performance, reliability and stability, delivering excellent power tube response and just the right amount of natural output transformer saturation and compression.

 Whether you prefer pavement pounding torque or old school saturation, you'll be rewarded with an unbelievable array of tonal options that belie the simple front panel control set.


Deliverance Sixty II+ Specifications

 Front panel: Input, Gain I, Gain II, More/Less/Solo Assign Switch, Bright/Normal/Solo Assign Switch, Master Volume, Solo Volume, Treble, Middle Bass, Presence and Depth.

 Rear panel: AC Input, Mains Fuse, DC Fuse, Dual Parallel Speaker Output Jacks Impedance Selector.

 Features: Dual gain controls, MORE/LESS/SOLO assignable gain switch, BRITE/NORMAL/SOLO assignable voicing switch, Interactive tone controls, Presence and Depth controls, 6550 Power Tubes and Precision-wound custom transformers.

Power output: 60W RMS

Impedance: 4, 8 or 16 ohms.

Tube Complement:



2-Premium Matched 6550 Power Tubes

Actual Dimensions: 29.25" x 9.5" x 10.5" (74 x 24 x 27 cm)

Actual Weight: 40 lb. (18 kg)

Shipping Dimensions: 35 x 15 x 19 (89 x 38 x 48 cm)

Shipping Weight: 50 lb. (23 kg)

FC-3C Footswitch Included

Recommended cabinet: Deliverance® D412-F70G, Deliverance® D212-F70G

Owner's Manual: Deliverance II+ heads